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Gedung Universitas Andalas

Kegiatan Seminar Sehari Perubahan Iklim

Dilaksanakan di Padang 14 September 2011 dengan Penyelenggara Kementerian Luar Negeri Republik Indonesia dan Program Studi Ilmu Hubungan Internasional Universitas Andalas

Simulasi Sidang ASEAN

Kerjasama Program Studi Ilmu Hubungan Internasional Universitas Andalas dengan Kementerian Luar Negeri Indonesia 29 September 2011 di Universitas Andalas



Welcome to Our Official Website

Andalas Institute of International Studies (ASSIST) is a research centre part of International Relations Department, University of Andalas that focus on innovative and dynamic research also consultation on four main themes: Diplomacy, Security and Strategic Studies, Non-Traditional Security, and Global Political Economy. The aim of this institution is to improve global understanding about International Studies both as knowledge and phenomenon.

 ASSIST was established in 2010 and this centre currently does publish the scientific publication through journal. This Journal called AJIS (Andalas Journal of International Studies), published twice in a year (May and November). We highly encourage International Relations scholars to contribute and submit their paper to this journal or for other publication.

As a consultant institution, ASSIST has high commitment to assist government or non-government institution (local, national or international) in foreign cooperation and international relations framework. ASSIST also has huge vision to create competitive products that really valuable and beneficial for its users based on innovative and dynamic School of Thought principles. ASSIST products are: 1. Facilitation; 2. Training and Capacity Building; 3. Consultation; 4. Research. ASSIST consist of 12 high caliber researchers from various fields and competencies, for example: Diplomacy, Foreign Policies Analysis, Gender and Politics, Security and Defense, Politics and Environmental Policy, American Studies, Political Economy and Development, Regional Development, and Conflict Management and Democracy.

ASSIST also hold various academic and numerous activities such as monthly discussion, public lecturers, reading room management, international and national seminar. For every activity that ASSIST hold is always involve expertise or professional on specific fields either as the speaker or contributor.

we try to make a better understanding in International Studies 



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Andalas Institute of International Studies ( ASSIST )
Jurusan Ilmu Hubungan Internasional
Gedung Jurusan – FISIP Universitas Andalas,
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