Yopi Fetrian, S.IP, M.Si, MPP


2008 Australia National University, M.PP (Public Policy)

2004 University of Indonesia, M.Si (Political Sciences)

1997 Padjajaran University, S.IP (International Relations)


2014-2014, Director of American Corner, Andalas University

2013-2014, Expert Staff for Andalas University Central Library

2011-2013, Head of International Relations Department, Andalas University

2008-2012, Head of Multimedia Division, LPTIK, Andalas University

2008-2011, Secretary of International Relations Department, Andalas University

2004-2006, Chief of Political Laboratory, Andalas University

2000-2014, Lecturer , Andalas University


AIHII (Asosiasi Ilmuan Hubungan Internasional Indonesia)

ADS Alumni Local Chapter in West Sumatera



Provincial readiness for Carbon Transaction Through REDD-UNFCC Scheme: A Study in West Sumatera Province. Research funded by Directorate General of Higher Education,2012

Exploratory Studies on Nurturing Social Capital on Minangkabaunesse Migrant in Malaysia.Research funded by Directorate General of Higher Education,2010

Environment and Migration on The Shadow of Economic Crisis in West Sumatera, Paper presented at Expert meeting in Chulalongkorn University, Thailand,2010

Relations Between Members Parliament to Their Constituent Post 1999 Elections,Thesis.2004

US Foreign Policy to Japan in The Circumstances of US Trade Balance Deficit,1997


Impacts of the Administration Shift to President Obama on International Relations Studies, Published on proceeding book by Bureau of The Vice Presidential Secretariat.2009

Economic Impact of Two Governance Model: A comparison Study on Gorontalo and West Sumatera Province The Voice of Indonesian Future Leaders, Published on proceeding book.2008